SIMAG Grain Company
The SIMAG was founded in Como (Italy) in 1803 by the Simona family from Locarno, Switzerland. Beginning in the
1970s, the company diversified well beyond its original grain business into meat production and financial services.
The financial service became more and more important. Formed in 1985, this business unit manages a wide range of
investments in securities and private equity. Sim-Investments stresses long-term capital appreciation over the generation
of income, and emphasizes the importance of a diversified portfolio. It maintains significant holdings in other food and
agribusiness companies, as well as in insurance, financial services and transportation. Directed by a small, experienced
team, Sim-Investments complements the company's existing industrial businesses while also providing a strong foun-
dation for future growth.
SIMAG Investment Group
SIMAG Service Group
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